Mascot Dunks


The most spectacular slam dunks



Mascot Dunks is a game where you play a basketball team's mascot and you have to perform spectacular slam dunks by jumping between trampolines to gain momentum. Your objective, basically, is to jump correctly between a few different trampolines before making the basket. If you jump a little too soon or too late, you'll end up crashing to the ground.

The controls in Mascot Dunks are really simple: you just have to touch the screen to plummet downwards. If you fall on a trampoline, you'll bounce and continue jumping to the next trampoline. But if you fail, you'll have a painful end to your career.

At the beginning of the game, you only have one mascot, but you can gradually unlock tons of new mascots. Plus, you can customize each of the game's characters however you want, changing the color of the uniform and other elements.

Mascot Dunks is a simple, outrageous, and fun basketball game. The graphics are also pretty great.